Testimonials / Reviews

"...Folks, this is the closest you will see to the man himself."
Sonny West, Elvis Presley's Personal Friend and Confidant, Memphis Mafia

“Paul does an amazing job. It brings back great memories and Elvis would be proud.”
Joe Esposito, Elvis Presley's Personal Friend and Tour Manager

"Paul Casey's tribute to the King of Rock N Roll, Elvis Presley, is a work of love, respect, admiration and talent. Paul is the consummate professional in his portrayal of Elvis during the different periods of Elvis' career. It's not done with mirrors, and you will have to see it to believe it. You will truly get a glimpse of what Elvis was really like."
Ed Bonja, Elvis Presley's Tour Manager, Col. Tom Parker's Personal Assistant and Official Photographer

"Paul Casey's reenactment of the many facets of Elvis' life and career along with his tribute to Elvis is amazing!    The Broadway touch of his performance - along with his tremendous voice is truly a compliment.   The show must be seen to be believable.    Paul's ideas are refreshing and very professional. The Stamps Quartet is truly honored to be a part of such a tremendously 'powerful' show.  Thank you Paul for making us feel welcomed and to bring back those special days of the 70's."
Ed Enoch - Owner - Manager - Lead Singer, The Stamps Quartet

"Paul Casey is a talented and creative Elvis Tribute Artist. He sincerely gets across to his audiences that his show is all about honoring Elvis, not impersonating him. The Sweet Inspirations enjoy being on and off stage with our new friend and talented singer, Paul Casey"
Myrna Smith, the Sweet Inspirations

"I was totally amazed. Paul's demeanor, stage presentation, vocal singing and rapport with the audience was incredible. I felt I was reliving my days as Elvis Presley's Musical Conductor. Paul is very special."
Bobby Morris, Elvis Presley's Musical Conductor

"I have seen Paul Casey as a young man imitating Elvis and I couldn't believe his voice! Since then, he has only perfected the 'Elvis' moves. No other Elvis impersonator would even have the guts let alone the confidence to perform in front of the real Elvis 'on screen' for everyone to see! Having known Elvis personally, been a guest at his shows, and having made his original trademark glasses - I can truly say that Paul is the only one that could match Elvis's energy! Thanks to Paul, who shares his gift with all of us, we can continue to enjoy and embrace Elvis's music always!!!"
Hans Fiebig, Elvis Presley’s Optician and Optician to the Stars

"Paul looks like Elvis, and sounds like Elvis."
Sam Thompson, Elvis Presley Personal Bodyguard

"Paul really captures the voice, look and moves of Elvis Presley. He's committed to recreating the integrity of the man and his legacy. Simply: Paul is the best."
Jim Lauster VP Aladdin Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas

"I have seen Paul Casey perform numerous times, both in my home town, Las Vegas, and in Europe, and I had the pleasure of seeing Elvis perform at the Las Vegas Hilton on several occasions. I can say without a doubt, when Paul performs- 'Elvis reenters the building'."
Jim Germain, President, USA HOST

"One of the greatest assets that Paul has is the fact that he has the audience in the palm of his hand as soon as he walks on stage. He is a terrific performer who has captured the eloquence as well as the sexuality of Elvis."
Moon Civetz, General Manager, USA Hosts (Lighting Consultant 1973 Aloha from Hawaii Concert)

"Paul Casey is the Voice of Elvis"
Greg McDonald
Rick Nelson Manager, Col. Parker assistant

"Elvis had two major passions, Music and Martial Arts (Kenpo). My father was a Kenpo instructor to Elvis as well as his personal Body Guard. Paul Casey knows both of these sides of Elvis and his ability to communicate that with his act has come from his unreal ability to capture the true essence of the King himself. Paul is a fantastic entertainer and a dedicated martial artist who uses the Martial Arts philosophies to ad depth to his unreal performance."
Ed Parker Jr. President-International Kenpo Karate Association

"I went to work with Elvis & the Col. In late 1968 & worked with them until 1995. My job depended on what was happening (on tour or in Vegas or setting up tours) I did security & promotional work so I got to work with both Elvis & The Col. Elvis was a person you could sit and talk with just like regular people. I learned a lot from both of them. I enjoyed my time with the show it was great. I met Paul Casey many years ago threw a mutual friend. The more we talked and I got to know him, the better I liked him. I gave him some insight that knew about Elvis and the show. I always admired Paul’s drive. His music and the way he could organize & promote his music & himself. I’m proud to call him my Friend."
Rick Logan, Col. Tom Parker Assistant

“Paul IS the BEST! I knew Elvis and he would be impressed”
George Barris King of Kustoms Original Creator Elvis personal and movie cars